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Manhattan - New York - United States

Private Hair Weaving Classes: $1200 per class/student (4 to 5 hours)


Class Availability:


Sunday 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

Monday 1:00 PM-5:00PM

Classes can be booked by calling(212) 381-1778.


Private classes will take place at Tanika Torrice's private studio in Harlem, New York or Toronto, Ontario.

Students taking a class online will receive a link to our online classroom platform upon payment of class.

Students may bring a model or mannequin head for hands-on training. Students must come to class prepared with the following items listed below:

  •  Curved sewing needle

  •  Black weaving thread

  •  Tinkle razor comb

  •  Flat Iron

  •  Comb


Class Outline

•    Lesson One: How to braid a Flat Weave Application
•    Lesson Two: How to install a weaving net
•    Lesson Three: How to properly thin out a weave
•    Lesson Four: What are the best tools for cutting a hair weave
•    Lesson Five: How to properly flat-iron a weave
•    Lesson Six: How to properly style a weave





Please call Tanika Torrice at 212-222-0504 for more information.