Salon Consultant 

Manhattan - New York - United States

Tanika Torrice offers salon consultant services (additional salon services as well) to those seeking to start a successful salon business or maintain and existing salon business in the New York and Atlanta area.


Starting, opening or maintaining a salon in the city of New York or Atlanta can be exciting and fun, however it also can become challenging, stressful, overwhelming and time consuming at times.


Such task as obtaining legal documents, selecting the proper location for your salon, interior decorating, employee hiring, POS setup, and employee training classes can really take a toll on one’s spirit and drive. It’s no wonder most salon businesses fail before they even start.


That’s were Tanika Torrice comes in. She offers services that help salon business owners like you, start your business on the right path.


When hiring Tanika Torrice as a personal consultant for your salon business, you can be sure you are hiring the very best person for the job.


Tanika Torrice offers such services as:


•             Legal document obtaining, retrieving and submitting

•             Weekly progress report over the phone or in person

•             Salon location scouting

•             Interior decorating

•             Employee hiring

•             Employee scheduling

•             Salon POS setup and employee POS training

•             Salon contract preparation

•             Website design

•             Business logo creating


Please email Tanika Torrice should you have any question or concerns relating to her personal consultant services or feel free to schedule an over the phone consultation with Tanika Torrice online.