Hair Weave Survival Shopping List

Manhattan - New York - United States

Pre-Weave Maintenance


1.        Shampoo & Conditioner-Hair should be wash and conditioned before receiving a weave install.

2.       Hair Mask -A Hair Mask can be applied as a deep conditioning treatment or instead of a conditioner.

3.       Leave-in Conditioner-This product will keep your hair healthy while in the weave installation.

4.       Detangling Spray-A Detangling Spray can be used after a conditioner or hair mask, to keep the hair free of tangles and free flowing during the braiding process).

5.        Wide Tooth Comb or Detangling Hairbrush-Used to evenly distribute the detangling spray throughout the hair.

6.        Frizz Free Serum-A small amount of this product can be added after the Detangling Spray- use Wide tooth comb or detangling hairbrush to evenly distribute product.

7.        Blow-dryer with Comb and Diffuser Attachment-Use comb attachment of blow-dryer to blow and straighten hair.

8.        Oil Sheen Spray (Aerosol Can)-Use to oil scalp before and after weave installation.


Post-Weave Maintenance


1.        Ethic Relaxed Straight Hair Extensions.

2.       Hair Wrapping Foam-Apply after weave install and prior to flat ironing hair extensions.

3.       Flat Iron-A good flatiron is essential to having a well maintenance hair weave installation.

4.       Heat Protector-Heat protector should only be applied to your natural hair and not your hair extensions.

5.       Edge Control Gel-To eliminate heat damage of your edges, use an edge control. Edge control is used to straighten and flatten unruly edges.

6.       Edge Brush (Double Sided)-Use Edge Brush to apply Edge Control.

7.       Hairspray-Apply a small amount of hairspray around the hair line (on top of the edge control).

8.      Styling Strips-Tie Styling Strip around hair line. Remove Styling Strip after 1 hour. A Styling Strip keeps your edges smooth and straight when used with the Edge Control and Hairspray).

9.      Satin Hair Scarf or Head Wrap-Apply satin scarf or head wrap before bed.

10.     Dry Shampoo-Use In between washes or after excessive sweating.

11.      Shampoo & Conditioner for Hair Extensions-I personally feel your hair extensions should have its own shampoo and conditioner. I recommend Creme of Nature as a Shampoo and ORS Hair mayonnaise as a conditioner.

12.     Hair Dryer Diffuser (sold as a set with comb attachment and dryer)-A diffuser is used to dry the platform of the weave installation or to dry curly hair extensions or hair

13.     Scalp Massager-This tool will put your itchy scalp in check. No more Beyoncé patting ladies.


Thin Hair Problems?


14. Hair Fibers- Hair Fibers are great for creating the illusion of thicker and fuller hair and can cover just about any size bald spot or patch of hair