Custom Wigs

Manhattan - New York - United States

Wig Consultation:


A wig consultation with Tanika Torrice is optional.


If a client opts out of a wig consultation with Tanika Torrice, the client will receive a customized wig created by Tanika Torrice using a large sized wig cap.

Custom Wig Style Selection


The client must deliver in person or ship articles (hair, a photo of hairstyle and custom wig questionnaire) to Tanika Torrice’s studio located in Harlem, New York.


If hair is being provided by Tanika Torrice, the client must submit only the following articles; a photo and custom wig questionnaire.


These materials can be submitted in person or via email. Articles must be received before Tanika Torrice can start creating and customizing wig.


For the best results, please schedule a Wig consultation.


Pricing Information:


Custom Wig Application/Unit Pricing 


The standard fee Tanika Torrice charges  to create a custom wig application/unit  is  $400 (Plus the cost of hair, shipping and handling).  


Custom Wig Hair 


Please request a hair pricing timetable  chart via email or by calling Tanika Torrice at 347-331-8580. 


Custom Wig Hair Piece Add-Ons


Additional bundles of hair can be added to your customized wig for a fee of $100 per bundle or $40 per additional track..


Add-On hair pieces such as a closure, nape or sides  must be requested by the client.  There's a fee of  $25.00 per additional add-on hair piece ..


Wig customization/creating time:


Custom wigs created by Tanika Torrice will be completed within 2 to 3 Business Days.  If a client request to have their service expedited, Tanika Torrice will schedule their customized wig is the place of a client booking.  


With expedited service, the clients' wig will be created within 3 to 6 hours (from clients’ initial request) starting at 7 am. The custom wig will be mailed out that very same day via US Postal.


The client will be responsible for shipping cost. The client has the option of scheduling a pickup.


Head measuring:


Tanika Torrice uses a non-traditional wig making method that’s similar to creating a weave. Traditional head measuring is replaced by a wig cap fitting. During the wig cap fitting, a client will try on 3 different wig cap sizes (Small, Medium and Large) to determine the best fit/comfort level of the size cap on their head.


Most clients select a large-sized cap. The large sized cap can adjust into a smaller sized cap (built-in adjustment belt).


Custom coloring:


Custom coloring of hair (extensions) bundles can be provided at an additional cost of $378.00.   


Wig Shipping and Receiving:


After the client has received their customized wig, they have the option of coming into the studio and have alterations made at no additional cost (for up to one week after) receiving their customized wig.




Tanika Torrice offer resolutions instead of refunds. No refunds are available.



​Please call  (646) 476-3947 to place an order.