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Manhattan - New York - United States

Tanika Torrice Hair Weave Applications

Tanika Torrice's, hair weave applications are flawless, flat, flexible, sexy and durable. They generally last 3-5 months or longer depending on proper maintenance of hair weave application. Tanika Torrice, doesn't recommend leaving her hair weave applications in past 5 months.




To ensure you get the best out of your hair weave application,  clients are welcome to come into Tanika Torrice's,  beauty studio for a private consultation. Tanika Torrice, will help you select the right color, texture, and length for your personal and professional appearance. Consultations are priced at $85.00 (Plus Tax) and generally last for 30-45 mins. Consultations are not required.

Home Care Hair Extension Maintenance 

After your hair weave application, you will be informed by Tanika Torrice, on how to properly care for your new hair weave application (what conditioners and shampoos to use, how to wrap your hair at night and what you can and can’t do with your new hair weave application).