How to Care for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are fabulous, aren’t they? They build self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness, offer length, protection (of natural hair), instant gratification, instant results, and provide a sense of security to women (and some men) experiencing hair loss and or thinning hair.

Nevertheless, with all the remarkable things that hair extensions can furnish us with, we must not forget they’re an investment.

Like any other investment that is of importance, you must take care of it. After all, these very hair extensions are going to be attached to the top of your head and on front view, for all the world ( the congregation, family, friends, admirers, onlookers, haters and your enemies) to see-no pressure, so why wouldn’t you want to provide the very best upkeep for your hair extensions, by taking the time to care for them.

Now that I feel, I’ve successfully managed to guilt you into caring for your hair extensions LOL-pops collar, and you’ve gotten the gist of my message, let’s look at some key factors when purchasing and protecting and getting the most out of your investment.

The Lifespan of Hair Extensions

The lifespan of hair extensions depends on the following key factors, the quality and whether the hair is human or synthetic.

Human hair extensions (including reusable) will last for a few months to an upwards of 1 to 5 years (with proper maintenance).

Synthetic hair extensions will only last for a few days to a few weeks (if you’re lucky) before they must be disposed of.

What to Look for When Purchasing Hair Extensions

When purchasing hair extensions, you want to make sure that the hair you’re buying is free of the following traits; tangling and shedding.

Some hair extensions may not shed or tangle right away and may take weeks, months, or even years before they start to shed or tangle.

A little shedding of the hair is normal, however excessive amounts of shedding is not normal and may require replacement of hair by the retailer or manufacturer of the hair.

to Deal with Shedding Hair Extensions

If your hair extensions are shedding, you can purchase a weft sealer from your local beauty supply store or online beauty supply retailer.

What’s a weft sealer?

A weft sealer is a clear glue-like substance that resembles clear nail polish.

How does weft sealer work?

Weft sealer is applied to the wefts of the hair extensions using a tiny applicator brush (similar to a nail polish brush). Once weft sealer is applied to the wefts of the hair extensions, the hair extensions should stop shedding.

How to Use a Weft Sealer

Step 1. Unravel hair extensions

Step 2. Lay hair extensions on a wide flat surface

Step 3. Flip hair extensions to the side with wider broader weft

Step 4. Apply weft sealer to a weft of hair extensions

Step 5. Wait 1-3 hours for weft sealer to dry before applying hair extensions - Once the weft sealer is thoroughly dried it will harden keeping the strands of hair locked into place. Eliminating shedding.

Warning: Please do not use an extreme amount of this product, or else you’ll regret it.

Why does hair extensions shed?

The most common reasons for the shedding of hair extensions are;

1. Incorrect attachment of weft to hair- the hair was not correctly sewn onto the wefts during the construction process.

2. Aged or dry hair- When the hair ages or becomes extremely dry, the hair becomes severely dehydrated and detaches from the weft.

How to Stop Your Hair Extensions from Tangling

A small amount of tangling is normal, being that your own hair may tangle from time to time; however, an unnecessary amount of tangling is not.

If you’re experiencing a severe amount of tangling with your newly purchased hair extensions, I would advise contacting the retailer or the Manufacture of the hair extensions for immediate replacement.

If you are experiencing a small amount of tangling, you can purchase a hair detangling spray from your local beauty supply store or online beauty supply retailer.

A hair detangling spray should help stop your hair extensions from tangling. No promises. But totally worth the try.

Serious Note from Blogger-Concerning Tangling-Weft hair Extensions Installation

Hair extensions that tangle compromises the integrity of the hair extensions.

Hair extensions are not supposed to tangle; they’re supposed to be flexible and easy to maintain. In other words, tangle-free.

When hair extensions become tangled consistently, they are always pulling and tugging at the platform.

As a result, the platform becomes weakened. When the platform becomes weakened, the lifespan of your hair installation is decreased.

Constant pulling and tugging of hair extensions can also lead to something as serious as hair loss.

I strongly recommend purchasing Detangling spray to manage the tangles.

What’s Detangling Spray?

Detangling spray is a liquid water-based solution.

How Does Detangling Spray work?

When the detangling spray is applied to the hair extensions it stops the hair extensions from tangling.

How to use Detangling Spray

Step 1. Use a paddle or detangling brush to distribute detangling spray throughout hair extensions evenly.

Step 2. Allow up to an hour for the detangling spray to air dry. For immediately result, use a blow dryer with a comb attachment to speed up the drying process.

Step 3. Style hair extensions once dried.

Another great tip to keep your hair extensions from tangling would have your hair extensions layered by a professional hairstylist.

Brushing Your Hair Extensions

Brushing your hair extensions daily may also help to keep them from tangling.

How to Properly Brush Your Hair Extensions

Step 1. Brush hair extensions from top to bottom- starting from the top of the head, then moving downwards to the ends of the hair extensions.

Step 2. Gather the ends of the hair extensions tightly in one hand, move your hand 5 inches above the ends of the hair extensions- exposing only the ends.

Step 3. Brush ends of hair extensions with a paddle brush- this will help reduce and tangling or knotting at the ends of the hair extensions.

How to Protect Your Investment

To protect your hair extensions when installed, you should always opt to sleep with a silk scarf or a satin pillowcase.

When your hair extensions aren’t installed, they should be stored in a statin or silk drawstring bag.

Allowing your hair extensions to be in contact with a smooth and silky fabric, when not in use (uninstalled) or on full display (installed) for all the world to see, maintains the texture and manageability of the hair.

Hair Extensions Washing Tips

A big part of preserving your investment (hair extensions) is the upkeep.

Below I’ve provided a few tips for washing your hair extensions. Tips that will help preserve the lifespan of your hair extensions.

Installed Hair Extensions- Washing Tips

Tip 1. Use less shampoo and more conditioner when washing hair extensions - conditioner is better for hair extensions than shampoo

Tip 2. Always wash your hair extensions in the shower using a paddle brush- The paddle brush will keep your hair extensions from tangling during a wash.

Tip 3. Make sure you tightly squeeze excess water from your hair extensions before exiting the shower- extensions tend to hold a large amount of water.

Tip 4. Use a diffuser attachment when drying the base of your hair extensions- A diffuser will thoroughly dry the platform of your hair extensions.

Uninstalled Hair Extensions- Washing Tips

Tip 1. Soak hair extensions in a bowl of shampoo or conditioner when washing.

Tip 2. Allow hair extensions to air dry on a flat toweled surface after washing.

Hair Extensions Coloring Tips

Before attempting to color your hair extensions, please check with the distributor of your hair extensions to see if your hair extensions can be colored. Some hair extensions cannot be dyed.

If you’re considering coloring the hair extensions, you are purchasing; please purchase virgin hair extensions.

Tip 1. I strongly advise having a professional colorist color your or dye your hair extensions or purchasing hair extensions that have been previously colored.

Tip 2. Purchase a hair color kit that doesn’t require the use of bleach-Too many coloring steps can cause mistakes if it’s your first-time coloring hair

Tip 3. Make sure you color your hair extensions using a dusk mask and a pair of rubber gloves-A dusk mask will keep you from breathing in the toxic chemical smell associated with hair color dyes and the gloves will keep your hands from being stained from the coloring dye and protect your hands from being in contact with the toxic chemical coloring dye as well.

Tip 4. Make sure the area you’ve chosen to color your hair extensions in is well ventilated- A well-vented area is vital. You don’t want to inhale any chemicals and put your health at risk.

Tip 5. Watch a YouTube tutorial, so you’re informed and well educated on the entire coloring process-When coloring hair there is absolutely no room for mistakes, so watch as may YouTube tutorial as possible.

Blog Written by: Tanika Torrice