How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

So, you're thinking about purchasing hair extensions, however, you're unsure of the cost or how much you should be spending on hair extensions.

Well, our blog will spill the tea on the cost of hair extensions, so you'll never have to ask this question again.

There's no one-dimensional answer to this multi-dimensional question, being that hair extensions have such a wide price range.

Why? Because the cost of hair extensions varies due to various factors; origin of hair, color, length, texture, ounces, and whether the hair extensions you’re purchasing are Virgin or Remy (highest grade) hair extensions.


I mustn’t fail to mention, hair extensions come with additional cost. If you add the cost of weekly or monthly maintenance and upkeep (at your local beauty salon) to the mix.

What’s the additional cost you may ask? Between $50-$2000 (depending upon skill level, method or technique).

Let’s look at the different factors below in more detail.


For instance, if you're purchasing hair that was originally shipped from Brazil and you're located in New York City, you're definitely going to pay more because the hair came from Brazil and shipping or flight charges will have to be added to the cost of the hair extensions.


If the hair extensions are created using a special coloring technique such as highlighting, ombre, or Balayage, you can expect to pay a higher amount due to the special coloring technique that was used to color the hair extensions.


If the length of your hair extensions is 20 inches, you’ll probably be charged anywhere from $5 to $300 per 2 inches of hair, depending on the quality as well as the other factors (origin of hair, color, texture, etc.) previously mentioned in this blog. Hair extensions lengths varies from 2 to 35 inches.

Virgin Hair Extensions

If the hair is virgin hair (purchased in its natural state, no coloring or processing), please be prepared to pay a few dollars more.

Note from Blogger

Virgin hair extensions are great if you’re thinking about having your hair extensions colored by self or a professional.

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair extensions are the highest grade of hair that you’ll ever purchase on the market, which means it’s the highest amount of money you’ll ever spend on hair extensions.

Ounces of Hair Extensions

Most bundled or packaged hair extensions will include 3.5 to 4 ounces of hair extensions per bundle or package. The more the ounce, the higher the price.

Note from Blogger

You will need at least 8 ounces to complete a full hair extensions installation.

The Texture of Hair Extensions

The harder the texture is to manufacture or find a donor for, the more expensive

the hair extensions become to distribute.

Now that we've looked at the different factors that contribute to the cost of purchasing hair extensions from a dealer, retailer, manufacturer, or distributor, let's look at the different types of hair extensions.

Below I’ve prepared a list of the different types of hair extensions and associated cost (per Google search).